Community Health Intervention Program (CHIP)

Through this initiative we aim to provide Primary, Promotive & Preventive care at the doorstep, to a large segment of rural population that do not have access to safe and reliable healthcare in the region.

The NICE Foundation, travels to the remotest places, identifies the health concerns of the people in the region and provides immediate medical assistance to the people. The medical team provides free medicines to care for both common and communicable diseases. When higher medical assistance is needed, patients are given referrals.

In addition to this, CHIP teams simultaneously emphasize on health promotion programs like Participatory Discuss Group (PDG) sessions to inform individuals regarding healthy habits and disease prevention mechanisms so as to adopt preventive methods. Several community based services are also provided like-

• Village level care by Nurse Mid Wives
• Community Outreach workers to impart health knowledge to beneficiaries
• Fixed day health services in the villages
• Encourage institutional deliveries
• Family health Promotion

Through this program in Srikakulam, Vizianagaram and Nalgonda districts, primary care is being provided in approximately 150 villages. It is an encouraging model where everyone and anyone of the village are provided healthcare services. Senior citizens of the villages are benefited most, where travelling to health centres was a challenge due to a numbers of age related issues. A lot of health related problems are being addressed at an early stage of symptom presentation.