NICE Hospital for Women and Children

The NICE Institute for the new-born focuses on caring for the young ones, in the city of Hyderabad. The Institute has been established as a public-private partnership model to provide clinical care and help to its patients, irrespective of their socio economic strata. The Institute has a commendable neonatal facility of 60 beds to provide quality health care to the new-borns. It also trains doctors and nurses and involves in research so as to comprehensively understand health challenges among new-borns and develop new cures using research tools and innovative approaches.

NICE Institute is networked with all the maternity hospitals in the city of Hyderabad and ensures that beds are reserved for patients from the economically weaker section. Families from the peripheries like Mahbubnagar, both rural and tribal communities also access this facility. It is ensuredthat along with the young patients the care givers are also attended to properly.

NICE has a multi-disciplinary, full-fledged paediatric team of experienced professionals, following the philosophy to not only treat the illness, but the child as a whole. The paediatric division provides the highest quality of paediatric and surgical services. Beyond high – quality care NICE understands the requirements and importance of a healthy and active life as the child grows through infancy to young adulthood.

The maternity department is well equipped with a team that practices ethical standards of healthcare delivery through an efficient group of multidisciplinary professionals to handle and manage normal and high risk deliveries and gynaecology cases. The team also takes care of high risk maternity cases from peripheral regions of Hyderabad, so that their needs can be taken care of at an early stage