School Health Care Program

School Health Care Program aims to provide the government school going child a complete health care coverage with no cost to the families.

School Health Care Plan was designed keeping the concern of the future of country in mind. The parents of most of the children studying in government schools cannot afford the expenses involved in availing continuous medical treatments or even identifying the need for treatment for any medical condition. SHP recognises this objective and ensures health of children from common cold to cardiac surgery including pre-existing illnesses. Being enrolled to government school is the only criterion to access these services.

Poorhealth and lack of treatment is reflected in school through frequent absenteeism and low energy.

The Plan has a very effective three tier system with Out Patient clinics (OP) which serves as the first contact point for the health care services for the school child and is manned by doctors. NICE Hospital is the second level for children who require further detailed diagnostic investigation or care. We provide free services for children and in case where higher levels of treatment and care is required hence they are referred to super specialty institutes, which are identified in the locality as referral for super specialty cases like cardiac, urology, neurology, orthopaedics etc.

As a part of this program some kids from the school itself are identified as health volunteers who work as peer educators for health awareness and propagating good health. The school health volunteers conduct activities like drawing, story writing, competitions etc, to spread awareness.

The most unique aspect of this program is that health is ensured for these children at the cost of 50 paisa per child per day. This makes it very feasible for any state government in partnership with other corporate to replicate this model.

Impressed by this effective method of health care delivery to children, its positive impact has been recognized by the Planning Commission of India and hence, included in the recent Eleventh Five year plan. School Health Program has been incorporated as a case study and suggested to be replicated by the member countries of International Labour Organisation (ILO).

SHP proudly boasts of benefitting about 53000 children from 256 government school in Hyderabad in 5 mandals, namely Bandlaguda, Shaikpet, Golconda, Asifnagar and Bahadurpura.